Application Development

Majority of our team is made up of engineers who are trained and experienced in different software development disciplines. Every technology stack has its benefits and drawbacks. We recommend using tools that are best suited to meet the needs of your business. We have experienced developers in primary and proven software frameworks such as Microsoft's .NET and Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

Our Systems Architects turn your business requirements into robust and scalable applications that are custom tailored to your specific needs. Technology changes quickly and there are many different ways to build a feature set so it is important that we understand your use case and future plans in order to make proper recommendations.

data & databases

Designing an efficient and scalable database is an art. Most businesses could see tremendous gains by better understanding and organizing their data in structured databases that can easily be queried and analyzed. Though database schemes and technologies are rather technical, we are well versed in building reporting layers that gives business managers direct access to their data from any browser. 

Software Consulting

Of course you know your business better than us but when we couple our technical know-how with your industry knowledge, we can connect the dots and find ways to apply modern technology tools to streamline and empower your business. We work with business managers in auditing their internal processes and finding opportunities to reduce cost and or increase their market. Every engagement is measured by the ROI: how much savings in your overhead? how much increase in your revenues?

Digital Design & identity

In addition to engineering and consulting services, we help our clients in designing attractive user interfaces for their applications as well as their digital assets such as corporate website and logo. Let us show you how you can have an elegant corporate website that is designed for desktop and mobile screens with an easy to use administrative portal for continuous changes and modifications by none-developers.